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Public Relations

The Malaria Solution™ Foundation is a not for profit organization, a Nevada non-profit Corporation USA, and an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) (pending).

Please contact James Christiansen for more information regarding media and public relations. In the USA, call (775) 379-2900 or email

In the News

Reno Nevada - September 2017 In the News : Since 2007, the NGO's have taken over self production of The Malaria Solution(tm) and as of 2017 over 50 NGOs are growing fast (see Tanzania report)

Malawi Africa - December 2006 In the News : A recent news article in the Guardian newspaper was published December 8, 2006 - "American foundation joins malaria fight"

Mission Photos and Gallery

Our efforts have been successful and we need your continued support. You can review our mission photos and gallery.

=> Malawi Africa, Winter 2006

=> Malawi Africa, Summer 2006

=> Kenya and Uganda 2004